Our new normal, to my community

Yes, this is our new normal. And yet, to my community, now is an extraordinary time to pause and think of some creative solutions.

Think of ways to strengthen your community while acknowledging our new reality with sensitivity. These are anxious times and promoting “free coworking” can be tone deaf promotion during this time of social distancing and self-quarantine.

It may be time next week to break up the isolation and cabin fever I expect we’ll feel. (if we aren’t there already!)

Speed virtual networking: Can you create small and brief introductory calls between members? A group of 3-5 on a 20-minute call to connect and learn more about one another. This reminds us that we are not alone.

The best thing about the new normal: What has been revealed about us, our families, our friends and the world? This allows us to step outside the anxiety and potentially create new habits and traditions.

Member storytelling via webinar: Shift conversations to how members of your community overcame previous obstacles and challenges. This reminds us all that we are resilient and strong.

The world will remember 2020 as a time when we were confronted to see things in a new way. May this shift in our perspective make way for creative solutions benefiting us all.

2020 In Focus: The Growth of Coworking and Amenity Space

In a recent article in Commercial Property Executive, journalist Jackson Chen breaks down the six predictions by JLL’s Senior Director for Office Research Scott Homa for how the coworking world will develop in 2020.

We witnessed in 2019 the large expansion of large landlords creating their take on coworking. These include Tishman Speyer, which is creating Studio, as well as Boston Properties with Flex by BXP, and many more. “Other companies are looking to reach landlords by offering a management agreement that’s more akin to retail or hotel setups” as sited in the article.

Aside from what is featured in this article, Hines has developed their own version, Hines Squared, with the view of creating amenity floors in recent developments and is partnering with Industrious to manage these floors with a level of hospitality that can only be delivered by a professional and seasoned operator.

Further, Silverstein Properties just recently inked a partnership with CBRE’s Hana product under a management agreement scenario or revenue share model.

We look forward to experiencing the many creative ways that landlords and developers are embracing this model and expressing it as uniquely their own.