Guest post: Allyson Strowbridge, 7 Change Management Tips

Our guest, Allyson Strowbridge, shares more of her valuable insights regarding 7 Change Management Tips when moving or returning to the workplace. Allyson has a deep understanding, borne from experience, of the complexity involved in […]

Celebrating Moms by reducing the effects of COVID on the Global Gender Gap

Let’s find a way to reduce the effects of  COVID-19 on the global gender gap. Highlights in a study by the World Economic Forum include: A widening childcare gap Women are feeling the weight of […]

Guest Post: Yuko Tsuchida Answering Your Tax Questions About Cost Segregation

Our Guest Blog post, Answering Your Tax Questions About Cost Segregation, is courtesy of Yuko Tsuchida, CPA, MBA is founder of Hito, LLC, a comprehensive tax advisory and consultancy based in Newport Beach, CA Yuko […]

Everything Old is New Again: The 15-minute City

In support of both our sanity and overall well-being, the 15-minute city may actually become more in-demand in a post-COVID world. Thanks to Patrick Sisson, his article in City Monitor helps us understand not just […]

Everything Old is New Again: Industry Consolidation

We’ve seen this movie twice before. Our consultancy was launched in 2001, following the dot-bomb and just prior to HQ and Regus each declaring bankruptcy in 2003 – 2004 after explosive growth for each in […]

April Showers sometimes bring Rainbows …. (pun coming)

  (courtesy of our friends at Punderdome) We don’t have to wait for May to benefit from the April showers…. sometimes the rainbow is the gift! Roy G. Biv is one of our favorite fictional […]

YES! We Can: Use Some Humor Today

We Can: Use Some Humor Today “I realize that humor isn’t for everyone. It’s only for people who want to have fun, enjoy life and feel alive.” – Anne Wilson Schaef (card created by the […]

Guest Post: Allyson Strowbridge – The Future of Work and the Human Experience

In our inaugural guest post, we feature Allyson Strowbridge, Owner & Principal of ctrl+shift+space, a workplace design consultancy. We are featuring a link to her complete post On The Future of Work and the Human […]

Throwback Thursday – Revisiting EverythingCoworking Podcast Episode 37

Ah 2016…. such a lifetime ago! How the world has dramatically changed since then! For Throwback Thursday, we are re-posting our contribution to Jamie Russo’s Everything Coworking, Episode 37 where we shared our SWOT analysis. […]

Remote Work is now a Lifestyle – thanks TechRepublic!

Per Sid Sijbrandij, CEO and co-founder of GitLab “The impact of COVID-19 may have accelerated the adoption of remote work for many businesses, but trends towards connectivity and increasingly digital work laid the groundwork for […]