YES! to speak at Indiana Workforce Summit - September 30, 2021

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We're honored and thrilled that our Founder & President, Wendy Spreenberg has been selected to be a panelist at the Indiana Workforce Summit in Indianapolis on September 30, 2021. Along with our co-panelists, Margie Rodino of Robert…

Solving for Flex: Flexible Workspace Business Components

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Our introductory video on our YouTube channel Solving for Flex is Flexible Workspace Business Components, in addition to 3 interviews. We LOVE Flex!   Creating Experience Not Just Space in the video presentation…

Guest Video: Patrick Clay of ARCO/Murray on Supply Chain

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featuring Patrick Clay of ARCO/Murray To view the full video (1:26) click here Wendy Spreenberg Hi, I'm Wendy Spreenberg. I'm the founder and president of Yes! Your Exceptional Space where we create experience, not just space. We're…

Announcing: Solving For Flex on YouTube

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We've launched a YouTube channel. We're working under Solving for Flex - with YES! and will feature a variety of content, including how-to's and interviews. The objective is to share more about how to Create Experience Not Just space…

Throwback Thursday - Revisiting a Podcast Series from 2016

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During the first significant surge of coworking, our own Wendy Spreenberg was privileged to guest with Brittanie Campbell-Turner on her Constructrr podcast in 3 parts, Sept-Oct 2016. So, content from nearly 5 years ago is still relevant?! Some…

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to Coworking (v. 3)

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When developing coworking spaces in partnership with our clients, we come across the most amazing (and frequently refreshing) perspectives on how to market and operate coworking spaces.